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Podcast Editor (dialogue/sound/music)

Welcome to Scattered Sounds LDN bringing you the best of London's independent
music scene from all around the globe. If you would like to find out more about our
very special guests this week, we had Desta French @destafrench who you can
catch live at the Harrison Bar in London on the 12th April, Eliane Correa
@elianecorreamusic whose new album with her band La Evolucion, ‘Signo de
Fuego’ will be released on the 8th April and Yahael Camara-Onono, who will be
playing with his band @balimayaproject this summer at Cross the Tracks festival in
Brixton, London on the 5th June.

If you enjoyed the show and want to hear more, please like and subscribe, you can
also find us on Twitter @scattsoundsLDN and on Instagram @scatteredsoundsLDN

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Alongside my most recent project as a Podcast Editor, I have also been a radio host for three different shows - all of the episodes can be found on my Mixcloud

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A New Orleans Special

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